About Us

Unlimited thirst, pulls us together.

Your thirst for knowledge should never be quenched. Question everything, even what you think beer should be.

Albert Ruiz and Serg Ramirez are friends from high school. As with lots of stories, after high school, they slowly drifted away. Through Facebook, they eventually reunited and realized they were both already studying, and in love with brewing in every way possible. They ate, slept and drank brewing. It was all they talked about. After brewing with a few other friends for a while, they noticed that brewing was something they were both immensely passionate about, and they had to make it their lives

In January of 2017, Inquisitors Brewing Company was born. Albert and Serg set out to always present the best possible beer they can brew. With the passion of brewing and always questioning what beer can be, whether it’s turning a style on its head, following a style masterfully, or tricking the mind of what you are drinking all together. Since inception, they have had the pleasure to pour for many non-profit organizations and festivals. Leading to thousands of people having tried their beer, which has had an overwhelming response.

Looking to the future, the equipment is growing, the thirst for knowledge is as strong as ever, and they will continue to make sure first and foremost to bring you the most delicious beer possible, while keeping you questioning, asking, “What's next?”.